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Go ahead … Judge a book by its cover!

There are many mistakes that authors make when publishing a book (especially if it’s their first book), but few mistakes are as fatal as publishing a book with a bad cover. In our work with authors, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of book cover design. We’ve had authors who are...
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Choosing a Book Publisher? Choose One with Heart

I began my career as a writer 20 years ago. Since then, nearly everything I knew about the world of publishing has changed. Some of it to my delight. All of it to my wonder. In the late 1990s, I edited a print edition trade magazine (there was no such concept as an online edition!), and...
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Silver Tree Teams Up with Health Brand Group for New Venture in Health Education

For medical schools, allied health colleges, and all health-related higher education programs, finding the perfect marketing partner has been a challenge, at best.

But now, that's about to change. We have exciting news for organizations that are equal parts healthcare and higher education.

We've launched a venture the makes available to the leaders at healthcare...
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VIDEO: Why Writing a Book Can Be Your Best Marketing Yet

In this episode of Marketing Matters, I talk about why so many individual professionals and corporations are publishing books as a way to grow their businesses. I offer insights on self-publishing, ghostwriting and more, and dispel the myth that being an “author” is only for the select few.

Publishing a business book can be a very strategic marketing tactic, with long-lasting results. Don’t you want to be the expert who literally “wrote the book on it?”