Advertising & Publishing

Once you have a strategy and a memorable, differentiating story, it’s time to get out the marketing megaphone. Whether you’re big or small, regional or national, we’ll build you an integrated media plan that is smart, strategic, budget-conscious, measurable and impactful.Apples w blue background

Count on us to plan, negotiate and develop break-through communications — including your direct mail, digital, print, radio, TV, social media, mobile, outdoor, web and e-mail marketing.

We’ll use razor-sharp targeting to locate, educate and engage your current and prospective customers. Whether you’re looking for business-to-business marketing or direct-to-consumer mass media, we’ve got you covered.

Need assistance with public relations too? Have no fear — we have BusinessWire on speed dial.

A Marketing Company with a Book Division: A Match Made in Heaven

For individual and corporate authors seeking a fresh approach to the publishing process, look no further. Our book division, Silver Tree Publishing, offers a spectrum of publishing services. For those clients who wish to self-publish their books, Silver Tree can take a book all the way from a Microsoft Word draft to international paperback and ebook distribution. And for those who seek representation from a large publishing house, Silver Tree develops formal book proposals and serves as liaison between the author and prospective agents and publishers.

Are you a current or aspiring author? Learn more about publishing services at Silver Tree.