About Us

Communicate Your Way to Profitable Growth

Silver TreeSilver Tree Communications, LLC, specializes in leader-to-leader marketing collaborations that result in memorable brand stories that make your income statement sing.

Kate Colbert and the experienced professionals at Silver Tree care about your business results almost as much as you do. We specialize in reinventing brands that need new relevance and power, protecting or fixing ones that have been tarnished by scandal or crisis, and building new ones from scratch.

Our favorite kinds of clients? The well-funded start-ups with savvy leaders who are looking to turn a dream and business plan into a success story. The successful organizations who need fresh insights about how to reignite their brands. And the established companies, full of bright, talented people who have proven their value and expertise, and are just in need of a better "megaphone" to tell their story to the marketplace. Telling that story -- strategically and powerfully -- allows you to grow more, compete in tougher economies, and explore new lines of business.

We work in nearly every vertical, with particular expertise in higher education, healthcare, and professional services.

We're located mid-way between Milwaukee and Chicago, and have clients across the country and around the world. We love to work with high-achieving, energetic, ethical and successful leaders -- typically at the CEO, CMO or Marketing Director level. If you represent an organization with admirable business practices and meaningful offerings for your customers, we'd like to get to know you.


What We Offer

From initial strategy and research, all the way through to media negotiations and creative execution, we help you create marketing programs that make a measurable difference at the critical moments of your business.

We're not just a "creative shop," nor are we the kind of consultants who will spend a year auditing your communications and leave you with nothing but a binder full of reports that cost you a fortune. Every action we take is strategic, and every strategy we recommend is actionable. Above all, we are advocates for your brand who are relentlessly focused on ROI.

Creating Brands

Helping Organizations from the Very Start
  • Initial go-to-market strategies for companies, products, services and collegiate degree programs
  • Buzz generation at launch (media attention, grand opening celebrations, word-of-mouth campaigns)
  • Creating your brand story -- the words, the promise, the differentiators that will resonate with customers
  • Websites, marketing collateral, social media campaigns, and advertising creative
  • Environmental branding (signage and interior design elements that create a brand experience for your customers)
  • Turning thought-leader (individual) brands -- like successful physicians, scientists, motivational speakers, retired CEOs and others with inspiring messages -- into household names by publishing their books and amassing readers (and royalties!)

Building Brands

Helping Established Companies Ignite Growth
  • Brand audits and facelifts (new logos, tagline & visual representations)
  • Telling your story in a way it's never been told
  • Filling the sales funnel in competitive industries
  • Bringing successful companies to the forefront with breakthrough websites, digital campaigns and social media interaction
  • Integrated media campaigns to drive and retain business
  • Business consulting that connects marketing messages to sales conversion
  • Market and customer research
  • Experiential marketing and event management

Protecting Brands

Helping When Things Go Bump in the Night
  • Media relations and crisis communications
  • Media training for executives
  • E-mail campaigns, social media and direct mail that says "mea culpa" without saying "goodbye"
  • Town hall meetings and customer focus groups
  • Customer retention campaigns that help you weather the storm


Our Mission

The work of creating, building and protecting brands is what Silver Tree Communications was founded to do. So if you're thinking "next level" when it comes to your business, think of us.