Speaking & Training

In business, we are required to communicate. We lead meetings, distribute proposals, make phone calls, engage in hallway conversations, and send e-mails and instant messages. But are we doing it well? Do you ever wonder ...

  • If your communications are clear enough?
  • Whether that e-mail you sent inadvertently offended someone?
  • How to deliver difficult news to an employee or customer?
  • When to walk away from Microsoft Outlook and choose a face-to-face conversation instead?
  • How to be more persuasive with your arguments so that your ideas will get the attention and funding they deserve?

Our founder, Kate Colbert, is frequently called upon by corporations to teach business writing seminars, communications boot camps, and marketing workshops to address these issues, and more.

We offer seminars for communicators of all levels ― particularly for those executives and professionals who don’t think of themselves as “writers” or “public speakers” and for those in customer/client-facing roles like sales and leadership. Whether you’re someone who writes documents and publications for external audiences, someone who writes a lot of internal reports and meeting minutes, or someone whose 8-hour day seems gobbled up by the composition of hundreds of little e-mail messages, a seminar with Kate Colbert could make a powerful difference for you. Being a better communicator is directly tied to your workplace effectiveness ― to efficiency, job satisfaction, interpersonal relationships, and revenue generation.

Speaking & Training Topics

  • Business Communications Boot Camp: Tighten Your Text, Become a More Flexible Communicator, and Lose Unwanted Pounds of Ineffective Messaging
  • Persuasion & Precision: A 90-Minute Workshop on Grammar and Persuasive Business Writing
  • Communications Fundamentals for Sales Effectiveness
  • Girl Talk: A Workshop Exclusively for Business Women Who Want to Refine Their Communications Style in a Male-Dominated Workforce
  • Social Media Workshops (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Advanced Writing Workshops
  • Intensive Writing Fundamentals (grammar, mechanics and spelling, particularly for professionals who speak English as a second language)
  • Interactive and Social Media Refreshers for Business Marketers
  • Buy-in: Using Market Research and Smart Strategy to Communicate Your Way to Acceptance of Major Institutional Change
  • Getting Buzz for Free: Leveraging Marketing Resources Without a Marketing Budget

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Kate Colbert has taught corporate seminars for such notable companies as Abbott, CDW and WMS Gaming. She has held faculty posts at the College of Lake County (IL), Illinois State University, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and Loyola University Chicago.