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In April of 2015, Silver Tree Communications introduced its book division, Silver Tree Publishing, making a full spectrum of publishing services available to independent and corporate authors. Through the formalization of its services for book authors, Silver Tree expanded its brand-building mission to would-be authors and began offering everything from comprehensive editorial services to book launch media.Marketing Your Book on a Shoestring_Page_04

Perhaps it came as no surprise that a marketing communications firm that was founded by a professional writer would eventually unveil a publishing arm, but the news about Silver Tree Publishing (formerly Silver Tree Communications: Book Division) became official with the publishing of the first book to bear its imprint, Dr. Trupti Gokani’s The Mysterious Mind. Immediately, the book enjoyed impressive sales domestically and internationally, and amassed 5-star reviews on Amazon. Silver Tree subsequently released the book in Kindle edition and on iTunes.

Silver Tree has had the honor of working with many authors and on many publications over the years, but this book ― a self-help volume for headache sufferers ― was the first project in which the Silver Tree team took a publication all the way from manuscript to Amazon.

To date, Silver Tree has introduced dozens of business books, self-help books, memoirs and even literary works to the marketplace. And since our acquisition of another small publishing company based on Texas, our catalog now includes the works of more than 180 authors. On average, we introduce 12-24 new book titles to the marketplace each year. Our past several books debuted in the top 1% of books in their categories on Amazon.

A Spectrum of Publishing Services

Silver Tree Publishing, which is based midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, offers a spectrum of publishing services for individual and corporate authors. For clients who wish to publish their books through a collaborative publishing model, Silver Tree can convert a fledgling manuscript in Microsoft Word draft to a completed, copyrighted publication with international paperback and ebook distribution.

Silver Tree has likewise been engaged by authors who are already represented by the world’s largest publishing companies (such as Penguin Random House and Wiley & Sons) for promotional and advertising services to drive book sales and even for à la carte services, such as book cover design or title development. Clients of the book division are typically authors who have a manuscript that needs refinement and needs to find its ideal readership. Silver Tree helps those authors with the critical pieces, like quality editing and attractive cover design, and also helps them make sense of technical minutia like ISBN registrations, the Library of Congress, copyright protection and book distribution.

In addition to full-service publishing opportunities, through which your book would bear one of the Silver Tree book imprints (Silver Tree Publishing for nonfiction/business, Silver Linings Media for memoirs, or Sterling Forest Press for literary works), Silver Tree is also a resource for authors whose books are not published under one of our imprints. We offer hourly coaching services for authors who need help navigating the publishing landscape or seek practical support in self-publishing their books. We also sponsor a public online community for authors and aspiring authors.

Silver Tree has led direct marketing initiatives, public speaking events and advertising programs for two New York Times bestselling business books, and recently served as advisor to another bestselling author who plans to self-publish her next book to increase her royalties and accelerate the publication timeline versus what she has come to expect from working with “Big Five” publishers.

Currently, Silver Tree Publishing is seeking to work with individuals and corporations with the following types of books, either in manuscript or early development:

• Business books
• Self-help and health/lifestyle books
• Memoirs and essay collections
• Sales mini books (typically used as leave-behinds by public speakers)
• Corporate books, like company histories
• Coffee-table style books, typically to inspire emotional connection and be used for large fundraising campaigns for universities and other not-for-profits

For Kate Colbert and Silver Tree, books are business, not pipe dreams or bucket-list aspirations. “For our clients, having a book helps build their brand,” Colbert says. “It opens doors for new business and for speaking engagements. It allows established professionals to reach a broader audience and redouble the impact of their mission. It expands the possibilities for passive revenue through royalties and it, quite simply, gives them the credibility they seek. A professional bio with the words ‘Author of …’ will always turn more heads.”

To submit a manuscript for consideration to Silver Tree, please complete our publishing inquiry form.

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