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VIDEO: Why Writing a Book Can Be Your Best Marketing Yet

In this episode of Marketing Matters, I talk about why so many individual professionals and corporations are publishing books as a way to grow their businesses. I offer insights on self-publishing, ghostwriting and more, and dispel the myth that being an “author” is only for the select few.

Publishing a business book can be a very strategic marketing tactic, with long-lasting results. Don't you want to be the expert who literally "wrote the book on it?"

10 Must-Read Books for Modern Marketers

The rumors are true: The best marketing consultants, when they aren’t actively working on deliverables for their clients, can be found with their noses stuck in a book (or basking in the glow of an iPad or the non-glow of a Kindle). The reason? Because marketing is complex and ever-changing, and because even the slightest...
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Introducing Silver Tree’s Book Division

We're thrilled to introduce you to our Book Division. Silver Tree Communications offers a spectrum of publishing services for individual and corporate authors. Whether you wish to self-publish your book or seek representation from a large publishing house, Silver Tree will guide you every step of the way. Read our news release to learn more.   Ready...
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Why “strategic storytelling”?

Most companies advertise or otherwise communicate with the people they'd like to turn into customers. And many are working hard and spending even harder to share those messages. But few companies have compelling stories to tell. Communicating generic messages like "Sale ends Friday" simply won't work, unless your product is so unique and meaningfully different that...
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