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VIDEO: Why Writing a Book Can Be Your Best Marketing Yet

In this episode of Marketing Matters, I talk about why so many individual professionals and corporations are publishing books as a way to grow their businesses. I offer insights on self-publishing, ghostwriting and more, and dispel the myth that being an “author” is only for the select few.

Publishing a business book can be a very strategic marketing tactic, with long-lasting results. Don't you want to be the expert who literally "wrote the book on it?"

VIDEO: Unlock Business Success with a Little Market Research

In this episode of Marketing Matters, I sit down with Brad Sattin to weigh in on the secret weapon of savvy marketers: market research. Enjoy as I offer insights on what you can learn and how easy it can be to get the data needed to generate profitable growth at companies and organizations of all sizes.

5 Clues That “Awful Conference” You Attended Was Your Own Fault

We've all been there -- the professional conference that feels like a waste of your time. You came, you saw, you yawned, and you conquered absolutely nothing. But going back to the office without actionable new insights and valuable new connections is your fault -- not the fault of those good-hearted professionals who stood up and...
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Six Can’t-Ignore Lessons from BMA15

Each summer, more than 1,000 of the world’s best marketers gather for three days at the Business Marketing Association’s global conference, to share insights about how big brands, like Dow Chemical and Adobe, are succeeding with their business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts. And each summer, I walk away with dozens of pages of notes, a...
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