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VIDEO: Why Writing a Book Can Be Your Best Marketing Yet

In this episode of Marketing Matters, I talk about why so many individual professionals and corporations are publishing books as a way to grow their businesses. I offer insights on self-publishing, ghostwriting and more, and dispel the myth that being an “author” is only for the select few.

Publishing a business book can be a very strategic marketing tactic, with long-lasting results. Don't you want to be the expert who literally "wrote the book on it?"

VIDEO: Unlock Business Success with a Little Market Research

In this episode of Marketing Matters, I sit down with Brad Sattin to weigh in on the secret weapon of savvy marketers: market research. Enjoy as I offer insights on what you can learn and how easy it can be to get the data needed to generate profitable growth at companies and organizations of all sizes.

Why Direct Mail is Anything But Dead

If you could invest your marketing budget in something that would yield a return on investment (ROI) of 1,245%, you would. And if you could get your customers to spend 28% more with your company, of course you would. Because you’re a smart marketer or business owner, and you are dedicated to generating profitable growth.
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